About Us

Vijay Publications is owned and operated by Janaath Vijayaseelan, he lives in Markham, Ontario. His parents moved to Canada to escape the struggles of the Civil War in Sri Lanka. They didn't speak English in Janaath's earlier years, which allowed for Thamizh to be the first language that he learned. Growing up, he watched tons of Thamizh films, and he does so to this day. He has admired South Indian Cinema through the decades of changes and dreamt of telling a story himself one day.

In 2013-2014, while in his third year at York University, he started writing his debut novel "Cross Roads: Pick a Path". In 2015 he decided to self-publish and his journey to build an audience began. Quickly he garnered interest from the local Thamizh community, and people who weren't avid readers read the book just because they enjoyed South Indian films. After a small taste of success, Janaath came back in 2020 with the launch of Vijay Publications, his own publication brand for his work. "Marappaiyaa" his second novel, was the first release under the banner in January 2021. He aims to continue telling stories and hopes to connect with other talented artists in the community to create art together.