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Marappaiyaa (eBook)

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Book Description:

Aathi can’t make new memories. His first love is the one that got away. Will a new day prompt a new start that brings the lovers together?

For Aathi, meeting Diya was love at first sight. No matter how hard he tried, though, life always got in the way of his attempts to deepen the relationship. So he cherished their friendship and resigned himself to the fate of never having the woman he loved.

Until Fate changed its mind…

An unexpected illness alters the course of his life forever. Diya walks back into his life after nearly a decade apart, but Aathi won’t remember it when he wakes tomorrow. Is he doomed to lose her over and over again? Or will the pair that never fell out of love find a way against all odds? Can happily ever after survive their pasts and bring them the future they’ve always dreamed of?

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